Mission Statement

At Nu Level, our top priority is to make buying and selling stress-free for our clients. Our tested and experienced agents use their sophisticated understanding of Bay Area markets to provide reliable advice and fresh ideas for any scenario.
We adhere to the highest standards to be a full-service real estate company you can trust, and follow a unique process to ensure no detail is overlooked. Nu Level is dedicated to developing long-term relationships with our customers. We want to be your problem-solver for all your housing needs.


Elbert Mui
Founder, Nu Level Realty


Born in San Francisco, Elbert Moon Mui has been a lifelong Bay Area resident. He went to school in the Bay Area and attended Cal State Northridge where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications. Elbert began his career assisting Vice President Steven Davis of Merrill Lynch in asset allocation and retirement portfolio management.
In 2000, Elbert began concentrating on real estate investment strategy at Hilltop Financial, and was tasked with managing their Burlingame Branch. One of their most successful executives, he produced over $4 million in transactions per month covering all aspects of real estate including purchasing, selling, and loan origination. In addition, Elbert is proud to have regularly worked on time-sensitive loans to protect families from foreclosures.
It was these efforts that inspired Elbert to form Nu Level Realty in 2009. Seeing how shortsighted advice led to major problems for too many people, Elbert’s mission was to design a company where customers can trust that their real estate is working in tandem with sound financial principles. Unlike most real estate firms, Nu Level Realty is focused on educating clients while providing comprehensive services for purchasing, selling, and financing. Nu Level Realty combines over 20 years of experience in financial and real estate consulting with a new approach, where honesty and integrity serve as the foundation for long-term relationships with clients.
In addition to running Nu Level Realty, he is also an active participant in various charitable organizations aimed at education, including Wu Yee Children Services, Adopt-a-Classroom, and Friends of Roots. On the rare day Elbert is not working, he enjoys listening to hip-hop, cheering for Bay Area sports teams, and having marathon movie sessions.
BRE: 01852890
NMLS: 297746

The Team

  • Crystal Shetaya

    Crystal Shetaya
    Broker Associate
    (650) 741-3565
    CalBRE: 01929658

  • Jeanne De Castro

    Jeanne De Castro
    Real Estate Consultant
    (650) 533-3459
    CalBRE: 01819538

  • Timothy Lim

    Timothy Lim
    Real Estate Consultant
    (415) 728-4095
    CalBRE: 01758714

  • Max Mendoza

    Max Mendoza
    Realtor & Appraiser
    (415) 271-9784
    CalBRE: 01184991

  • Dan Luo

    Dan Luo
    (650) 952-0829
    CalBRE: 01984258

  • Virginia Matos

    Virginia Munoz
    Real Estate Consultant
    (408) 512-6693
    CalBRE: 01854786


    Carmen Tang
    Real Estate Consultant
    (415) 816-6881
    CalBRE: 01974969

  • Kyle Wong

    Kyle Wong
    (415) 812-0668
    CalBRE: 01431221

  • Christina Qi

    Christina Qi
    Real Estate Consultant
    (415) 509-3103
    CalBRE: 01865302

  • Venetta Clepper

    Venetta Clepper
    (510) 453-9221
    CalBRE: 01481237

  • Benson Tran

    Benson Tran
    Marketing Director


  • Tina Obinna

    Tina Obinna
    Real Estate Consultant
    (510) 455-0377
    CalBRE: 01703613

  • Audie Genteroy

    Audie Genteroy
    Real Estate Consultant
    (707) 655-2730
    CalBRE: 01939361

  • Samantha Reinhart

    Samantha Reinhart
    (650) 630-7888
    CalBRE: 01939373

  • Aileen Phuong

    Aileen Phuong
    Sales Associate
    (650) 207-2862
    CalBRE: 01956142

  • Martha Madera

    Martha Madera
    (650) 922-9575
    CalBRE: 01343561

  • Juan Medina
    Real Estate Consultant
    (650) 652-9439
    CalBRE: 01440432

  • Victor Siu
    Broker Associate
    (510) 918-9190
    CalBRE: 01210551

  • Melody Reyes
    Real Estate Consultant
    (650) 219-9770
    CalBRE: 01468315

  • Allan Yee
    Real Estate Consultant
    (415) 760-8282
    CalBRE: 01883152

  • Riyad Asfoor
    Real Estate Consultant
    (650) 271-0404
    CalBRE: 01307741


Nu Level Professional Staging Services

In today's real estate market, buyers have lots of choices when it comes to buying a home. Experienced realtors know that homes that are staged will sell faster and bring higher offers. This is especially true for vacant houses, which tend to receive more “low-ball" offers from buyers who believe that the owner is desperate to sell. If you want your home to reach its highest price potential, staging your home can be your best bet.
At Nu Level, we want our clients to have a competitive edge over the competition. To do this, we provide customized staging options and different levels of professional design and decorating advice.


Nu Level Photographers

Quality photos are critical for sellers in today’s real estate industry. With the shift to online shopping for homes and the rise of social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, buyers will not stick around or consider making an offer if they are not struck visually. According to the National Association of Realtors, 98% of buyers feel that appealing photos are a major influence when searching for a home. The statistics are clear: quality photos will help your home stand out and sell for tens of thousands more.
That’s why Nu Level has a team of professional photographers to put your house in the best light possible. If you list with us, we’ll use high-end photography to capture the best parts of your home and ensure that the photos pique the interest of potential buyers. Currently, only 15% of listings incorporate high-end photos because most real estate companies fail to understand their importance. Don’t lower the price of your home. Instead, consider Nu Level and our commitment to quality.